Products made in China are in great demand all over the world. This, of course, is due to the low prices. The quality of Chinese goods is also growing steadily. However, it is not happening of its own accord, but owing to the foreign companies that manufacture their products at Chinese factories. Western companies have high requirements for quality, design and packaging at such enterprises, so products made in China can differ greatly. Low quality products are also in demand both within China and in many developing countries. That’s why the main issue in placing a manufacturing order in China is the search for a supplier whose production capacity is the most suitable for a specific project. Thus, Chinese manufacturers are essentially contractors, rather than suppliers. The so-called "contract manufacturing" in China can belong to one of the three types: OEM, ODM or CM. For more information about each type, please follow the link. However, any form of cooperation with a Chinese manufacturer requires a lot of effort to achieve good results. Here is a list of problems faced by importers who decide to purchase products made in China:
  • Advertising and reality have nothing in common. Chinese manufacturers may display impressive images and descriptions online and at exhibitions, however, in reality it turns out that the product is "raw", and many improvements and adjustments are required. 
  • Poor component and assembly quality. The product does not meet the importer's expectations and quality standards in his country. It’s necessary to replace raw material suppliers and work on improving the plant workers’ skills. 
  • Errors in the production process. Numerous errors occur in the production process due to the language barrier and lack of attention. 
  • Intentional reduction of production cost. The problem with many manufacturers. It entails the situation when, in order to increase the profit margin, factory administration purchases cheaper raw materials, deliberately and without the consent of the customer, thereby reducing their production costs. 
  • Long production time. Many factories in China are overloaded with orders, and the agreed terms may increase significantly. This issue is resolved via face-to-face negotiations with a plant representative to reduce the time frame. 
  • Errors in paperwork. Plant managers’ negligence with paperwork is one of the most frequently encountered problems when working with China. 
The importers are forced to resolve the above problems independently, by finding a reliable intermediary firm in China or establishing their own company, which is both time-consuming and costly.

What does our company offer?

YDH Solutions operates in the south of China in Shenzhen, the largest industrial center in the country. Our specialists are fluent in English and Chinese, have many years of experience in working with Chinese suppliers. Here’s a brief overview of our services:
  • Search for manufacturers. We will help you avoid mistakes in selecting the supplier. Preliminary evaluation of the manufacturers according to a specific criteria list.
  • Factory audit. We conduct a visit to potential suppliers, compile reports and select reliable manufacturers.
  • Production services. We carry out quality control at various stages: before production, during production and before shipment.
  • Inspector services. We make a selection of random samples, conduct testing, verify the invoice data and the produced lot of goods, check the marking of the boxes.
Cooperation with our company will allow you to save time and money, as well as avoid potential risks when working with Chinese suppliers.