Market research in china 
Expand the footprint of your business by using market research conducted by YDH Solutions. Our research does not merely include the evaluation of China’s market and the capacity of its segments, but also the assessment of the prospects of your specific product. As the result of the research you receive the analytics and the recommendations on the strategy of entering the Chinese market. We are also ready to assist you during the initial phase of business organization.

The research allows to:

  • Evaluate the total market size and the share that your company can obtain.
  • Determine the level of competition, create a list of primary competitors and analyze their marketing strategies, evaluating the strong and weak points.
  • Analyze the non-satisfied needs of the target audience.
  • Understand the scale of investment in the project and the enterprise’s potential revenue.
  • Create specific market entrance routes. Form a list of potential partners for implementation of these ideas.
  • Develop the company strategy and ways of interaction with the consumer market. Analyze efficient media channels and market positioning strategy.
  • Create a clear step-by-step action plan based on the conducted research.
  • Analyze potential risks, model scenarios and facilitate the preparation for it.

Work completion time depends on many factors and constitutes from one to several months. By the end of execution time we will provide a detailed report containing recommendations and answers to the questions posed.