The goal of production forecasting is to establish clear responsibilities for each department or employee in the business. It allows you to define a plan of action, responsible executors, work deadlines, as well as the resources required to complete the work. Production consultation includes a set of services to improve the efficiency of the production of goods in China: improving product quality, reducing risks, minimizing costs, and speeding up production rates.

  • Improving product quality. This is achieved through an in-depth analysis and resolution of existing enterprise problems, including poor quality of raw materials, insufficient level of staff training, lack of proper control, ineffective testing, poor management of technological processes, as well as equipment problems.
  • Reducing production costs. This is achieved through an analysis of the market costs of raw materials and by carrying out negotiations between the material suppliers and the business. We also investigate the opportunities and methods of reducing the cost of production through partial or complete assembly process automation.
  • Increasing production rates. This is achieved by negotiating terms between the material suppliers and the assembly enterprise, and, if necessary, searching for alternative suppliers, using an additional assembly line, partial or full automation of labor, as well as other methods.
  • Reducing investments. Various methods are explored and options are offered to reduce the amount of investment in the project.

The timespan of our services ranges from 2 months to a year, depending on the complexity of the work. Our consultants work on-site at the enterprise several days per week, provide advice and necessary help for your business to achieve its goals.