The area of competence of YDH Solutions is in helping with the organization and development of our customers’ businesses in China. Providing consulting services of the highest quality, we are constantly searching for new solutions to address the rapidly changing market conditions. At YDH Solutions, we strongly appreciate the uniqueness of each individual business, and our principles of professionalism, efficiency and reliability are evident in every project we take on.

Advantages of working with us

Within the last 20 years, China became one of the leading countries on the world stage, creating opportunities for numerous foreign companies, from big to small. Low costs, high production rates and advanced logistics are compelling companies from all over the world to transfer their production to this country. In addition, the rapid increase of consumption in the Chinese market makes it even more appealing to many foreign companies. The main barrier to successful work with China is the lack of awareness of local laws, mode of thinking, cultural values, and the structure of Chinese business. Timely and accurate research of the industry is required for effective supply chain management, along with a proper strategy that takes the specifics of the Chinese market into account. With over 10 years of experience in Asia, YDH Solutions provides comprehensive support in the analysis, development of solutions and implementation of processes for your business in China. Our on-site presence, bilingual staff and an extensive database of contacts throughout the country allows our team of specialists to operate in industries such as manufacturing, construction, electric power, metallurgy, telecommunications, IT, medicine, etc.

Manufacturing Consulting

Manufacturing consultation includes a set of services to improve the efficiency of production of goods in China: improving quality, reducing production costs, accelerating production times and reducing investment volume. Learn more...

Market Research

A standard inspection of the opportunities of the Chinese market includes an analysis of the size of the market, the level of competition and prices, the structure of the market and its tendencies for the future, advertising channels and sales channels. Learn more...

Management of International Projects

Remote project management includes consultations at the negotiation and pre-production stages, identification of requirements and objectives, identification of responsible persons, selection and training of personnel, and putting together schedules and reports of completed work.