Suppliers sourcing in China

We search for reliable partners among thousands of manufacturers in China. After determining your requirements for the product, we conduct preliminary negotiations and order samples for testing.  

Factory Audit 

We carry out a detailed check of the selected manufacturers, check their company documents and the validity of required ce­­­­rtificates, assess the production capabilities for the production of your goods in the required volume and in a timely manner, and check the levels of quality control at these companies.  

Manufacturing in China

We optimize your costs by selecting the most favorable offers from manufacturers. We find the best ratio of price to the required level of quality.  

China Inspection Services

We carry out quality control at various stages before, during and after the production of the goods, prior to delivery. 

We check the initial sample and raw materials before production starts, we control the quality in the production process at various stages, and we carry out a quality control check before container loading.

Why should you seek the services of YDH Solutions?

Within the last 20 years, China became one of the leading countries on the world stage, creating opportunities for numerous foreign companies, from big to small. Low costs, high production rates and advanced logistics are compelling companies from all over the world to transfer their production to this country. In addition, the rapid increase of consumption in the Chinese market makes it even more appealing to many foreign companies. The main barrier to successful work with China is the lack of awareness of local laws, mode of thinking, cultural values, and the structure of Chinese business. Timely and accurate research of the industry is required for effective supply chain management, along with a proper strategy that takes the specifics of the Chinese market into account. With over 10 years of experience in Asia, YDH Solutions provides comprehensive support in the analysis, development of solutions and implementation of processes for your business in China. Our on-site presence, bilingual staff and an extensive database of contacts throughout the country allows our team of specialists to operate in industries such as manufacturing, construction, electric power, metallurgy, telecommunications, IT, medicine, etc.

Shenzhen YDH Solutions Limited is an enterprise with foreign investments in China, with the main office in Shenzhen city. Our specialists work all over the country: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Yiwu, Beijing and other cities.

YDH Solutions is your reliable partner in China, a team of professionals with extensive hands-on experience of working with Chinese manufacturers, logistical and law firms, scientific centers and customs authorities. Our goal is to be a dependable link between Chinese and foreign companies, an invaluable partner in the international supply chain. We have an understanding of cultural differences between countries and offer the best solutions to our clients abroad.

why choose us

Extensive work experience
 We are an independent supply company and have been operating in China for more than 10 years. Our specialists are fluent in both English and Chinese.
Convenient location
We are registered and conduct business in Shenzhen, one of the world’s largest industrial сenters. Our convenient location allows us to effectively solve any problem.
 Responsible approach
We regularly appear at various trade exhibitions throughout China and closely monitor the situation on the market. We inform the buyer about any changes and updates.
 Individual service
 In our work, we use an individual approach and ensure that we find the best solution to meet the needs of every client. 
Our clients and partners